Environmental Services

We offer a wide variety of services that can help you to live more sustainably.

How we can help you

Teach: We can help you with the activities listed below by teaching you to reduce your environmental "footprint".

Consult: We will advise you about how to do the work, or do the installations for you. This might include how to build rainwater storage systems, a Greywater recycling System, install drip irrigation properly, or convert your back lawn into a family vegetable garden.

Design: We can create designs, drawings, written instructions, or full implementation plans for building a sustainable, efficient home gardening system, or an attractive drought tolerant landscape.

Find: We can help you identify qualified partners to do any of the other parts of the work below.

Supply: We can also provide you with rainwater cisterns, high quality drip irrigation parts, or other materials that you may need.

What we "do"

    • Rainwater Harvesting- Systems to keep rainwater from going "down the drain."
    • Greywater Recycling Systems -collect the greywater from your home, filter it and reuse it.
    • Natural Swimming Pools- Southern California’s only builder of organically filtered and cleaned swimming pools.
    • Green Roof: A green roof is the ultimate insulator. It will greatly reduce your heating and your cooling costs
    • Home Garden designs and planning- Grow your own produce, even with little land.
    • Water conservation- Improve irrigation systems to save water, not waste it.
    • Home composting- Systems and techniques that make composting easy and fun.
    • Sustainable soil improvement- Learn techniques to improve your garden soils safely.
    • Drought tolerant landscaping- Planting ideas, designs, and techniques.
    • Mulching- How to create and use your own quality mulch.
    • And more!

Want to refocus your priorities? Enjoy fresh, wholesome, homegrown, delicious produce without additives or preservatives. Get back to the land, save resources, live clean and green, be environmentally responsible and self sufficient, and have some fun! It's time for Americans to reinvent themselves!

Let us help you to improve your lives, live more gently, and save resources by helping you establish more sustainable landscape practices at home.

What you can do to help Save the Planet


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