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Bryan Morse is an Environmental Artist-Contractor with over thirty years experience in Environmental custom landscape design and construction. Morse's projects have been featured in numerous articles in Magazines and Newspapers, on H.G.T.V. and on the Spring Tour of the San Diego Chapter of the Landscape Architects Association.

Passion for Botanical Gardens: Morse (and his associates) have recently completed the Design for the new Children’s Garden & in 2005 designed the Master Plan for Alta Vista Gardens which is a young Botanical Garden under development in Vista, CA. He is also the designer and builder of Pikake Gardens, which is a world class privately owned Botanical Garden located on twelve acres in Valley Center, CA. Morse also sLinked IN logo_82x23erves as the Vice President of the Board of Alta Vista Gardens.

Kevin Norton is an Eco Innovation and Sustainable Design Consultant with ten years of experience specializing in the integration of innovative technologies with nature in order to conserve water and improve the environment within the communities he serves. His unique consulting prowess provides options and insight for his clients to reduce wasteful practices, save money and create beauty in the world.

His “Techno-Organic” approaches to improving building’s efficiency to reduce water waste, incorporates professional environmental practices and products like microbial brewed organic solutions derived from Wormcastings and Mycorrhiza designed to maximize root growth and structure, improve water holding capacity in soils while enriching soils with microorganisms while minimizing our impact on nature without the use of chemical fertilizers that harm the environment and pollute our regional water supplies.This approach is designed to maximize the quality of life while minimizing their impact on nature.

He is a passionate advocate for the use of greywater reuse and rainwater capture and delivery systems to further reduce the strain on potable water uses forLinked IN logo_82x23 commercial and residential clients in drought stricken Southern California communities.

Kevin’s Press

Israel Montiel is a master mason from the old school. Taught by his dad to use a trowel when he was a young child, Israel has an innate connection the organic building materials of the Earth. Israel specializes in the construction of rock walls that look like they were always there. His Flagstone installations are a work of art. Never using a saw to make a fit, he feels the connection of each piece to its surroundings as he places it in its home. Israel also has vast experience in the exacting installation of pebbles, glass and semiprecious stones. He has worked with recycled glass bottles and adobe.

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