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 Homeosun signature1wner cuts water bill by 40%: City replaces water meter thinking it was defective

One of our clients in San Diego called me the other day to share that the City had changed their water meter at their home because the City thought it must be defective; it was reading 40% under the normal usage for the last three months.

The truth is that they installed a Water Buddy greywater diverter and use the water from their bath tub and shower to water their landscape, cutting their irrigation water usage by 40% every month. My clients are reusing 200 gallons of water a day which equals 6,000 gallons a month and 72,000 gallons a year.

So the real story here is that we know they are saving an additional 60-70,000 gallons of potable water that would have ended up on their trees, shrubs and flowers.

Who wouldn’t want their home to be 40% more water efficient!

Well, that’s what Superior Water is doing for homeowners in San Diego. Superior Water started offering their WaterBuddy greywater diverter to homeowners in San Diego since August of 2009.

This simple and effective diverter is the most cost effective system to be offered on the market. By diverting water from a bath, shower, washing machine or bathroom sink into the greywater diverter where itis lightly filtered, it becomes ready to be reused safely in your yard for landscaping.

People can save 50–200 gallons a day depending on what you want to be diverted. These systems can be installed in one day in most cases and can start conserving waterthrough reuse immediately.

The benefit in using this method of reuse is your using water that you paid for that would normally go down the drain and mixed with raw sewage that is expensive to treat and will most likely end up being pumped out into the ocean after a costly treatment process.

Superior Water has its roots in the whole home water filtration business and has been a leader inthat technology and service in San Diego for more than 14 years.

“We have stepped up our game,” says Kevin Norton Superior Waters Eco-Innovation consultant. “We know water inside and out.

Superior Water is one of the only companies that can offer solutions ranging from water filtration, greywater ,rain capture/storage systems and Eco design services for folks that want to be more sustainable and water efficient.

“We are helping to change the minds and behaviors of every day citizens here in San Diego.”

Once people learn that they have real options available, not only to conserve water, but empower themselves in the process, have an action plan for the future and save their landscape and lower their water bills without having to make any drastic changes to their lifestyles.

In most cases, they will see the benefits and take some steps to deal with our serious water concerns here in San Diego.

If you want to be more water efficient and would like some help with making a shift right now, then you need to contact Superior water

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